Our Expertise.


Custom innovative solutions, advisor, automation, business process re-engineering, business process improvement, efficient use of automation with a focus on providing a great user experience.


IT Consulting - Cipher

Offering technology consulting services ranging from website development, strategy, requirements gathering and product development, innovative solutions, business process improvement, business process automation, business process re-engineering, emerging technologies, and solving business problems with technology applied.


Need a Translator?  We Translate Technology!

Our clients appreciate our ability to take complex technology terms and process and translate them into an understandable format for the 'non-techie' population.  We have the ability to explain a complex technical process in plain English, whereby removing the technology divide.



Our experience includes working with non-profits, providing robust technology solutions with economic price tags. 

Testing our innovative nature, we scour the interwebs to uncover solutions which do not 'break the bank', providing robust functionality.

In addition to the identification of economic technology solutions, we uncover, develop, and deploy efficient and automated business process solutions.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

RFID solutions for the commercial automotive industry, corporate, supply chain, after school programs, child summer programs, homeowners, and the residential contractor market.



Connected with some of the best data scientists, offering the ability to provide analytic insight into corporate, and law firm environments.



Providing expertise and innovation into the application of biometric solutions. Depending upon the modality and established goal, our solutions might vary. Our main focus is biometric solutions for residential and commercial space.


Remodeling Real-Estate Technology Advisor

Looking to remodel your residential space?  Want to incorporate smart home technology, or cutting edge tech to your space - we provide technology advisory as part of our service offerings.

We provide an 'out-of'the-box' view for technology solutions to incorporated into an already developed footprint of a residential property, providing enhancements like no other.  Whether it is digital shower controllers, infrastructure, smart switches, LED landscape lights, or commercial grade WiFi with a centralized management dashboard to include offering remote monitoring functionality - we have you covered!


Custom Solutions

Not sure what to do with technology?  Have a problem you are trying to solve in the most efficient manner?  Need help 'connecting the dots' on how the various technologies work and 'play nice' together - we have you covered!


Strategic Technology Delivery

Providing innovative solutions, often looking at the 'to-be' not the 'as-is' and providing strategic technology delivery.  We see the potential of projects providing technology recommendations that most do not consider.  Our innovative 'out-of-the-box' mindset provides solutions from the basic the more complex environments. 

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